We are Sociální družstvo Znojmo

Our social cooperative was founded on June 3, 2010 with the intention of providing services to people with disabilities. We secured new jobs for people with altered working capacity, partial and full disability pensions, for both physical and mental disabilities.

Our cooperative aims to support the self-realization and self-confidence of disabled people and to help in the further development of their abilities and skills to keep up with the impossibility of their social inclusion. We focused mainly on the production of retention tanks and waste pits, cleaning work, a sheltered sewing and embroidery workshop and now also on the production and sale of ecological BIO straw straws. We obtain the financial means to ensure operation on the one hand by selling our own products and services, and on the other hand, we cover part of the necessary costs from contributions to support the employment of persons with disabilities according to § 78 of Act No. 435/2004 Coll. from the Labor Office in Znojmo, Třebíč and Zlín.

We offer production of plastic retention tanks and waste pits, machine embroidery, custom sewing of clothes, cleaning of commercial and private spaces, production and sale of ecological BIO straw straws. The range of services and products is really wide. Products are created in several workshops, e.g. in the sheltered sewing workshop you can see how jerseys, sweatshirts, T-shirts or work clothes are sewn, and in the cutting room how they work with cuts. In plastic production, a number of different devices (sinks, shafts and wastewater treatment plants) are produced, the offer is gradually expanding.